Center for Functional Materials (FUNMAT) is a research center in functional materials based at Åbo Akademi University. FUNMAT is combining the expertise in chemistry, physics, biology, paper coating and printing to develop functional materials, devices and large area manufacturing for interfacing with biological systems. The multidisciplinary research is done in close collaboration with industry and our extensive collaboration network throughout the world.

Surface Modification and Processing Techniques

Coating techniques

  • Blade coating (R2R)
  • Reverse gravure coating (R2R)
  • Gravure offset coating (R2R)
  • Knife coating (R2R)
  • Rod coating (batch)
  • Slot die coating (batch & R2R)
  • Patterned slot die coating (batch & R2R)
  • Spin coating (batch)
  • KSV dip coater

Printing techniques

  • Inkjet printing (Dimatix 2830, PiXDRO LP50)
  • Flexography & offset lithography printing (IGT Global Standard Tester 2)
  • Electrophotographic wax printing (Xerox ColorQube 8580)
  • Soft lithography
  • Screen printing
  • Custom built functional materials R2R hybrid printer: flexography, inkjet(Xaar 128 & 1001 printing heads), corona treatment, reverse gravure and spray coating
  • 3D printing: UP Plus 3D material printer, Allevi 2 bioprinter, Makerbot replicator 1 & 2, Sigma 3D printer, Procusini food printer

Surface energy control

  • Ultra violet treatment (batch/R2R)
  • Corona treatment (R2R)
  • Plasma treatment (batch)

Grafting and molecular monolayers

  • Electron beam grafting (with living free radical polymerization)
  • Self-assembled monolayer deposition

Additional surface modification techniques available through existing co-operation with external partners

  • Atomic layer deposition
  • Plasma coating
  • Chemical vapor deposition

R2R = Roll-to-roll processing